Melbourne Queer Film Festival

So – I went on a massive hiatus from the blog for a number of reasons but mostly because I was scared and lacked belief. I feared I would be disliked or sued for offensive comment or by accidently breaking copyright laws to the point of being a stunned mullet. I used to believe that my voice was not worth sharing because I do not have the right qualifications.. Now – I wish to inspire people to believe that they have a powerful story from their life experiences. Don’t let fear hold you back from taking a risk to fight for what you believe in and be active. ❤ Activism.

And with that I introduce you to…

The 22nd Melbourne Queer Film Festival is on 15-25 March 2011

Photos of Angie

This moving and powerful documentary chronicles the life and murder of Angie Zapata — a transgender teen who was murdered in rural Colorado in 2008.  The film includes extensive interviews with her family about her journey of self-discovery, transgender lives across the globe, hate crimes legislation, and the mysterious nature of her killer — all against the backdrop of his trial.  The film features a haunting score by Mackenzie Gault of the band The Flobots and a song from L.A.-based, Ozomatli.